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Update and Timeline of Events in London from IMC UK:

21:30 Police siege of Soho is starting to relax, but a couple of hundred people remain trapped in Old Compton St. Mayday celebrators are being released on an individual basis, after being searched for weapons and photographed. It is worth remembering that, under Section 60, police do not have the right to gather intelligence by forcefully obtaining pictures of individual citizens.

20:30 Around 500 people, including a samba band, are still penned in by riot police in Old Compton St. Despite continuously chanting "let us out", they are not being allowed to move. Soho has been smoothly taken over by police, and it has been confirmed that a Section 60 order has been issued for Central London, stripping citizens of their usual rights. Police are taking away many people, but it is not clear whether they are being arrested or just removed from the area.

19.40 Riot police have cordoned off the Soho streets where the carnival is taking place. The carnival crowd has been divided by a police line, and officers are violently pushing people into Old Compton St. Celebrators are using non-violent resistance -- linking arms and refusing to move -- in an attempt to remain partying together. There are reports that a Section 60 order has been issued.

19.15 The "official" version from mainstream media for the Trafalgar Sq rally today, is that over 7000 people joined in a peaceful protest interspersed with minor incidents.

19.05 Between two and three thousand people are partying in Old Compton St and the surrounding area.

19.00 Confirmed total number of arrests so far: 8 people earlier on in the day, according to a Scotland Yard briefing given to the Press Association; plus another 4 in Leicester Sq just now, while allegedly trying to attack a McDonalds.

18.50 In Old Compton St. an IMC reporter was assaulted by a police officer and one person was arrested. Police are closing Shaftesbury Avenue and Wardour St. Old Compton St. and the North end of Wardour St. are still open.

18.25 A separate group of one thousand people are penned in by police in Leicester Sq, where there are some minor scuffles. Police numbers increase throughout the area, and officers are getting into their riot gear.

18.15 The carnivalistas are now in Wardour St.

18.05 The carnival parade is in Old Compton St. moving towards Piccadilly.

18.00 Report of 40 police vans in Piccadilly Circus with officers getting into full riot gear.

17.30 People are now celebrating around Soho.

16.45 One thousand people party in full swing carnival mood at Old Compton St, Soho. This event is organised by the International Sex Workers Union. Very good atmosphere with a massive police presence in the background.

16.40 Speeches finished at Trafalgar Square and people are leaving the area, though a sizeable crowd still remains there. There is no Section 60 and celebrators are free to move around.

15.40 Around 2,000 protestors remain hemmed in Trafalgar Square. Latest reports confirm that one person has been arrested by police and the legal defence people have been made aware.

15.30 800 people are in Oxford Street and move peacefully towards Marble Arch. No trouble here.

15.20 Scuffles broke out in Trafalgar Square after police attempted to prevent Critical Mass, Carniball and other Pagan protestors from joining the trade union march. An Indymedia journalist was struck while reporting. Police are engaging in heavy handed violent tactics to separate the protestors.

15.10 Around 2000 protesters heading down Piccadilly Circus have broken through a police line and are now heading towards Trafalgar Square.

14.45 2-3000 people are playing football in Oxford St, have turned left at Hyde Park Corner to move down Park Lane. Reports say it's a "lovely and fluffy atmosphere".

14.40 The Piccadilly Circus crowd has moved to Charing Cross Road.

14.35 Around 5,000 have gathered at Piccadilly Circus and are enjoying the carnival. People are continuing towards Trafalgar Square.

14.30The "Anarchist Conga Train" is spreading in the Oxford Street area, police are trying to divide the crowd.

14.25:Police are trying to cordon in (that's the famous Section 60!) 1000 people at Oxford Street, but don't succeed as people are moving off quickly.

14.10:Several thousand people are peacefully moving around in Soho and Mayfair, celebrating a sunny Mayday!.
Hear the audio report report from Bond St.
13.45:1000 people are walking along New Bond Street to Piccadilly Circus. Hear the audio report from Picadilly Circus.
The Wombles are part of this group. Increasing police presence, but not intervening.
13.40:Parts of the critical mass bike riders plus some 400 people on foot are moving along Wardour Street towards Oxford Street. There is a nice and festive athmosphere.
13.40:Parts of the critical mass bike riders plus some 400 people on foot are moving along Wardour Street towards Oxford Street. There is a nice and festive athmosphere. Although burly undercover cops can be seen in baseball hats chatting away with uniformed officers.
13.30: Trafalgar Square; 50 riot vans surround the square and a sea of yellow bibs are keeping poeple out, with no union marchers insight yet! Bemused tourists stare in disbelief as they are watched by surveilance police from the rooftops.
13.25:About 300 to 400 people moving along North Audsley Street with 50 police and more in police vans following. Atmosphere very peaceful and happy.

13.20:Dionysian Underground have 50 people at a beautiful gathering in Green Park. Balloons wine and flowers in a circle of trees "thanking mother earth for being so bountiful and giving everyone the power to do what they need to for the rest of the day"

13.10:People are gathering for the union march which is expected to start soon. Many Mayday celebrators are gathering around Mayfair.
12.40:The mass have settled in the Park - having a rest, and a are being joined by more people chillin'.
12.00: 500 cyclists have now gathered around Hyde Park corner, the police can not section them as they keep moving! Sporadic blockades of the roads around Marble Arch are happening and the atmosphere is good. Hear the audio of Criticall Mass moving to Hyde Park
11.30 Unconfirmed reports just came in about a possible section 60 on the South London Critical Mass. The cyclists were on their way to Hyde Park Corner but they seem to have been stuck at Oxford street.
10:37: The critical mass has now been divided into groups outside the US embassy. The west side is being blockaded with a concrete barrier.
10:30: Around 200 Critical Mass cyclists are being forced to congregate outside the Indonesian embassy because police have erected barriers outside the US embassy with 50-60 officers, cameras have been placed on the roof and a helicopter in an adjacent street. The 200 cyclists are being escorted by police.
10:00: South London Critical Mass has now arrived at Trafalgar Square. The action has a nice carnival atmosphere. Read this Personal report for a flavour.
09.40: A 200 strong Critical Mass has arrived outside Horsferry Rd. Magistrates Court in solidarity with the Wombles 7. Cyclists and demonstrators are now in the middle of the road stopping traffic. Great Pictures of the Breakfast, Banners and arrival of critical mass.
09:30: 25 people have started a free breakfast outside Horseferry Rd Magistrate Court. Police is filming and taking pictures of all people gathered.
09.25: Around 70 people are outside Horseferry Road Magistrates Court in solidarity with the Wombles 7 trial. Atmosphere is very calm and there is minimal police presence.Report
09.15: Reports of heavy media presence outside New Scotland Yard for the Met's Mayday press conference. There are also reports of shops and bussinesses in Mayfair have been boarded up in anticipation of this afternoon's actions in the area. Scotland Yard has drafted in 5000 officers for the event.
09.00 The South London Critical Mass is now in the City of London. Around 500 cyclists have stopped outside the Bank of England. There is still a carnival athmosphere. See the photos from the North London Critical Mass too.
08.35 Around 300 people are taking part in the South London Critical Mass. Athmosphere is very calm but heavy police presence is in the area, report
07.00: Police have evicted the MayDay Social Centre at Great Eastern Street. People gathered and left peacefully, as they said they would.

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