Festival of Alternatives: Mayweek in Haringey

Friday April 26th - Tuesday May 7th :  Mayweek in Haringey  

Mayday is traditionally a day for communities to celebrate nature, to celebrate working class resistance to oppression and exploitation all over the world, and to express ideas for a new society based on freedom, co-operation and sharing.

People associated with Haringey Solidarity Group are organising local events around the time of Mayday - from Friday April 26th to Tuesday May 7th - to communicate the fact that there is a radical and realistic anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian alternative to the current system. There will be a major event in Central London on May 1st itself. There are also Mayweek events being planned all over London.

Our Lives, Our Communities

Our communities and the environment where we live are dominated by self-interested institutions and authorities which want to protect and increase their own profits or power over us - companies, local governments, landlords, property developers, police, political parties and so on.  But shouldn't decisions in our society be made by those they effect the most?

We in Haringey Solidarity Group are a collection of local residents who want to get rid of the current oppressive and unfair system, and to fight for people's real needs. The only effective way to do this is for ordinary people to get organised, fight back and take over all the decision-making in our communities and workplaces.

We encourage people to spread awareness and solidarity, co-operation and mutual aid amongst each other, and to build up the skills and confidence to be able to run things for ourselves. To that end we support and participate in local groups and campaigns, spread ideas and help create effective opposition to the powers-that-be. 

Mayweek in Haringey: Timetable

Fri 26th April - 6pm, Waterloo Bridge/NFT - London-wide Critical Mass bike ride (some Haringey people may meet up and go down as a group).

Sat 27th April - HSG Stalls/anti-election leafletting in Bruce Grove (11-1pm), Wood Green, and hopefully Green Lanes, Crouch End and/or Muswell Hill. Also handing out our special free Newssheet...

Sun 28th April - Haringey Bikeride/Critical mass. Meet 12 noon at Manor House. 3pm - Picnic/party in Chestnuts Park. Skateboards, wheelchairs, roller blades, buggies, pedestrians all welcome... through Haringey streets (including where there have been anti-traffic campaigns etc). Please bring food to share at the picnic, plus games etc.

Wed 1st May - Central London ‘Mayday in Mayfair’ event:
7.30am  North & South London critical mass bike rides.   
1pm  Mayfair huge gathering/festive event (Meet Turnpike Lane 11.30am to go up there together).

Thu 2nd May - Council elections.  The vast majority of residents will vote for nobody>>>   

Sat 4th May - Day of informal HSG leafletting in High Streets, including our Newssheet. Meet Turnpike Lane tube, 11am.

Sun 5th May - Clissold Park picnic and Looney Left soccer tournament. Afternoon.

Mon 6th May - 1-5pm  ‘Mayday at the Markfield: A celebration of independence and interdependence in our communities’ (Speak outs, festive stuff, discussions, videos, displays) at the Markfield Project, Tottenham.
[Mayday official bank holiday].

Tues 7th May - 8pm  Haringey Solidarity Group - open meeting. Labour Club, Stuart Cresc., N22 [venue to be confirmed - phone 020 8374 5027]

-  We’ve produced 10,000 copies of a Newssheet, 'The Haringey TOTALLY Independent', with articles about the issues and things relating to our everyday lives, the Mayday week, traffic, elections, consumerism and jobs, landlords, anti-capitalism and Mayday, neighbourhood organising.

-  There’s an all-day ‘punk’ gig on April 14th at The Swan pub, High Cross, Tottenham 2-11pm. 

-  We’re doing a Mayday leaflet briefly setting out our politics and the events going on that week.

-  Anyone wanting to leaflet their street door-to-door with leaflets or Newssheet, please contact us.     

-  There will be posters available. Please contact us if you can help flypost. And mass stickering (loads of HSG stickers available)...

It’s looking great!
HSG  020 8374 5027