Festival of Alternatives: Other Events

Mass picnics, 'loony-left' footie tournament, community celebrations & a week-long WOMBLES trial are some of the other things planned for the Mayday Festival.

See below for a full list, by date:

Saturday 27th April

Stalls in Wood Green/leafletting for 'Vote Nobody' anti-election campaign (Haringey Solidarity Group).
Find out more about 'Vote nobody'>>>

Find out more about 'Mayweek in Haringey'>>>

Sunday 28th April

New Cross & Deptford Radical History Walk — from the peasants revolt to punk rock!
Meet New Cross Gate tube 3.00pm.
It will start at 3 pm sharp outside the Hobgoblin Pub (opposite New Cross Gate station) and end up at a pub - or maybe on the beach, tide permitting. This corner of south-east London has a rich revolutionary history. Home turf of pioneering punk band Alternative TV, its past spans the peasants revolt, anti-fascist riots and the New Cross fire campaign that signalled the uprisings of 1981. And "The Red Flag" - originally written to honour the Haymarket martyrs - was written in New Cross Gate!

Peasants revolt 1381 -
Cornish uprising 1487-
Christopher Marlowe 1593 -
demonic possession in Deptford 1684 -
Deptford Bread Riot 1867 -
New Cross 'bomb outrage' 1884 -
Gas workers strike 1889 -
General Strike 1926 -
V2 attack 1944 -
Malcolm McClaren and the Goldsmiths Free Festival 1969 -
Jah Shaka and the Moonlight Club 1970s -
anti-National Front march 1977 -
Alternative TV and Deptford punk 1977 -
New Cross Fire 1981 - Slavery, Slaughteryard and Shipbuilding and more...

Free Shop - afternoon
Venue: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 (corner of Fieldgate St & Parfett St). Nearest tube: Aldgate East or Whitechapel.
Bring books, records, clothes & other stuff to give away. No money required!

Evening: Café in Social Centre - phone: 07786 716 335 on Friday 26th April for details of venue.

Monday 29th April

Margaret Jones completes her sponsored walk for peace at 10 Downing Street, 11am, where she arrives with 'a letter addressed to Blair, Bradshaw, Straw, and all the other Blur Blah Blah bullshit quisling sellouts'.

On April 21, Margaret Jones begins a sponsored walk from Bristol to london to raise money for two Palestinian clinics - Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza, and the Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, in Ramallah.

The 120-mile walk concludes on April 29th at 10 Downing Street, to mark the vote of the British War Cabinet in 1917 that supported Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour in his colonialist move to give away Arab lands in Palestine to Jewish settlers, without the consent of the people already living there. 'Successive British governments, in their support for US policies uncritical of Israel's human rights violations, are directly responsible for the horrors currently endured by the Palestinian people.' she says.

Tuesday 30th April

Free Shop - 4-8pm
Venue: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 (corner of Fieldgate St & Parfett St). Nearest tube: Aldgate East or Whitechapel. Bring books, records, clothes & other stuff to give away. No money required.

Thursday 2nd May

Council Elections - 'Vote For Nobody' campaign.
Find out more about 'Vote nobody>>>


Friday 3rd May

Serving Notice to Quit - St Paul’s Cathedral, London - 12pm

Meet at Monument to proceed via the London Stone to the Stone circle atop Ludgate Hill whereupon ‘Notice to Quit’ will be served on the Bishop of London to vacate the carbuncle known as St Paul’s Cathedral by June 3rd to enable its demolition in accordance with good healthy and safety practice.
Reclaim The Stones. 07960 697955

We invite u to join us in an experiment to use our collective psychic powers to take the cathedral back in time to that of the Fire of London. All the while, simultaneosly, taking it forward into the future. Then the ancient Stone Circle atop Ludgate Hill will reappear, where we will issue a Decleration of Independence from Great Britain.

To help us we shall be resurrecting the dead to raise generations of rebels - from Sylvia Pankhurst to Boadicca, from Watt Tyler to Paul Cuffee - and, of course, thousands and thousands of unknown rebels whose names were never recorded in the history books of the bourgeoisie.

West London Anarchist & Radical History Walk in Hammersmith
William Morris's connections with Hammersmith are well known, but but there is much more to our radical history than just Morris.  Join us for a tour through the past finishing with a drink at one (or more) of Hammersmith's finest pubs.  Children welcome.
Meet at Hammersmith Tube, Hammersmith & City Line, 6.15pm.

Saturday 4th May

"Jayday" Legalise Cannabis day in Brockwell Park - visit the Schnews marquee, Indymedia marquee, and Mayday marquee for infostalls, vegan food, music & movie projections.

‘Urban redecoration’ - details tba.

Sunday 5th May

Looney Left Mayday Footie Tournament & 'Hackney Not 4 Sale' Picnic 2002:
'Hackney Not 4 Sale' Picnic
This year’s Radical Picnic is to take place in Clissold park, Stoke Newington, Hackney, from 12 noon onwards.

Hackney NOT 4 Sale are putting out a big shout for people to bring along; loads of food to share, theirs and other peoples kids, friends and parents, so that we can all take part in a big radical picnic alongside the Looney Left Football tournament that is taking place there on the same day as part of the Mayday Festival of Alternatives.

Thanks to years of ongoing mismanagement and corruption within Hackney Council, Clissold Park has been on the receiving end of various attacks including the recent closure of it’s café, bowling green and the children’s paddling pool. In the past year park workers borough-wide have also suffered cuts in pay and conditions. As if that was not enough, Clissold Park’s much needed and much loved 1 o’clock club, used by parents, carers and children, is now fighting closure (along with all the other 1 o’clock clubs) in the borough, and there are still threats to the popular deer enclosure. Clissold Park is an example of what is happening to community resources all over Hackney and in many cases beyond.

It is for these reasons that Hackney NOT 4 Sale will be at the picnic on 5th May with more information about the closure and selling off of other community resources and other threats such as privatisation and gentrification in and around Hackney. We will also have ideas for what people can do to resist these threats both here and elsewhere.  Why not bring along campaign stalls or displays that you might have, as well as any practical information and creative ideas for social centres, workers co-ops, community gardens etc…
We are also hoping to encourage the local 'talent' (that hopefully includes you!); comedians, musicians, magicians, jugglers, hip-hop, poets… to come along and entertain us and each other. There will also be workshops and games for kids including samba instrument workshops and puppet making. This as well as a seed give away and an alternative health area with information on alternative therapies such as herbal medicine, homeopathy etc.

For more info, ideas and offers of entertainment please email: hackneyNOT4sale@yahoo.com or call: 07950 539 254

Looney Left Mayday Footie Tournament - 2002
Calling all footie Loons. Great footballing events do not rely on great footballers, this is the Looney Left ethos. In fact the Loonier you are the more we reclaim the game from the corporations who dominate what has now become a multi-million pound industry. We want to make this event a class act where we organise our own games, which are inclusive and fun, on a day of historical significance. We want to create an autonomous football space where we are uncontainable, uncheckable and uncontrollable. So if you agree with most of the above put in a team, or just turn up for a game, also kids game and if you’d rather try a non-competitive version of the game dreamt up by some other Looney, then join in the 3 sided footie event and put it to the test. With enough people a mass game is planned, so bring your own football.  There will be other festivities at the venue including music and picnic, but bring along your own contributions, food, music, games etc.

Venue: Clissold Park, Stoke Newington.

Kick off for main tournament: 12pm
3 sided event: whenever we feel like it!
Kids game: before tounament final

Very few women have participated in the tournament in recent years, this year we are trying to put in a women's team, it doesn’t matter if you don’t play regularly, get involved and experience playing with other women!

There will also be the Looney Left World Cup / Jubilee Tournament in early June. Date yet to be confirmed.
Mayday Tournament teams need to send £20 to Looney Left Collective c/o PO Box 32, 136 Kingsland High St., Dalston, E8. Cheques payable to ‘Between the Lines’, or send £30 to enter both the May and June tournaments. Money goes to covering costs, goals, printing etc. You should also send in team names, shirt colours and team contact no.
For queries & futher info. Email: looneyleftcollective@hotmail.com or ring 07786 720 146
to read about the radical history of football, go to the Carniball page>>>

Monday 6th May

Anarchist Bookfair - 10am to 5pm
with stalls from Active Distribution, Ak Press, Anarchist Federation,  Haven Distribution, Freedom Press, London Animal Action., H.S.G., Stair, and many more.
Get the latest books, magazines, leaflts, t-shirts, badges, videos, posters etc.
With Vegan food available from the Emmaz cafe crew.
Venue: The Exchange Community Centre, Sebbon Street, Islington, N1. (off Upper Street, behind Islington Town Hall). Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington.
If you would like a stall at the bookfair please email: festivalofalternatives@yahoo.com

Haringay: Mayday at the Markfield: A celebration of independence and interdependence of our communities, (Speak outs, festive stuff, discussions, videos, displays) at the Markfield Project, Tottenham.
Find out more about 'Mayweek in Haringey'>>>

Throughout the Week

Vote For Nobody Campaign
Leafleting and campaigning using the Vote For Nobody idea, against the Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May.
more about 'Vote nobody'>>>

WOMBLES on trial - the Womble 7 are on trial from Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May, at Horseferry Rd Magistrates Court, SW1. There will be demos outside the court all week. Please come down and show your support for their fight against political repression.
more about the Wombles trial>>>

A temporary week-long Social Centre, with Infoshop, workshops, discussions, vegan cafe, art exhibition, film showings. Phone: 07786 716 335 on Friday 26th April for details of venue.
more about Social Centres>>>

Mayweek in Haringey 
People associated with Haringey Solidarity Group are organising local events around the time of Mayday - from Friday April 26th to Tuesday May 7th - to communicate the fact that there is a radical and realistic anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian alternative to the current system.

more about 'Mayweek in Haringey'>>>

More events are planned for the Mayday Festival of Alternatives. Keep checking this timetable for updates.